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As the last one has usually the advantage to be cheaper most developers choose this alternative, though, this leads to a problem. In order to collaborate it is very useful to have a central storage point for project’s data, but this requires to have the hardware online all the time as coordination would become too complicated otherwise. g. a university) to use it for the project to some extent. This might be email accounts, home pages, storage capacity or entire computer systems. Since these sponsored services are often associated with a specific project member they have to be considered as an individual resource.

Therefore, people try to avoid this unpleasant extra work and simply use the resources they could get from their own sources. Nevertheless, there are some large projects which have shared resources and a few have founded a non-profit organization. But even then the amount of individual ones is much larger than the ones owned by the project. So, in most cases the major resources are individual ones. The handling of individual resources is relatively simple and more or less obvious: They are supplied by a person joining the project, the new member is the only one allowed to use them and he takes them with him when he leaves the project.

Organization of Open Source Projects It is helpful to have a detailed change history to track down bugs. Maybe you can even find out the point of time the bug was introduced to the system. Bugs Any piece of software is situated in a software system21 . Compatibility requires to avoid contradictions to other software that is installed on that system at the same time. Investigations on source code level might be sufficient in the short term but ineffective as it is simply a large and complex amount of material to look at.

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