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The couple now look for a suitable child of a mother who has especially many children, i p p e / , and furthermore obtain the if possible of their own sib / ~ consent of the heads of both of the large families /~rossfamilien. extended families/ involved, provided that such a head of the large family exists in the case of the child to be adopted. The couple also makes this intention known to the parents of the child to be adopted. If the parents have also agreed, the childless couple slaughters a chicken as a sacrifice to the god of heaven and the ancestors and informs the latter of the completed transaction by burning some chicken blood on sacred paper (see the chapter "Handicrafts").

173 ff. Meau and concomitantly with their reasoIlj for choosing the high altitudes: /28/ - "The customary habitation sites of the Meau are the mountains. M y on the heights are they in their element; elsewhere they are rootless and do not feel comfortable. " . "However far one traces the history back into prehistory, one always finds them in the mountains. In the course of time this .. /28 cont. / great migratory tribe has visited almost all the mountains of Asia. Even today one would look in vain for Meau in the plains.

000 meters, where they occur sporadically, as well as the central cordillera a t 16O 35' north latitude as the southernmost occurrence (1). " 1. Credner. IV, p. 137. Today we therefore find settlements of the Meau a t a distance of only 300 kilometers as the crow flies from Bangkok. Since they are now approaching the spurs of the mountain ranges which follow the Menam, the question arises as t o whether they can finally be made sedentary or whether there will be further movement southward. Such a movement, however, in view of the conditions and the geographic situatios forcing the Meau to maintain a southward direction, would lead into the peninsula of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula, which would mean a descent into the tropical forest climate.

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