A Retargetable C Compiler Design and Implementation by David R. Hanson PDF

By David R. Hanson

ISBN-10: 0805316701

ISBN-13: 9780805316704

This new textual content examines the layout and implementation of Icc, a production-quality, retargetable compiler, designed at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Princeton college for the ANSI interval. The authors' cutting edge strategy - a "literate software" that intermingles the textual content with the resource code - provides a close travel of the code that explains the implementation and layout judgements mirrored within the software program. And whereas so much books describe toy compilers or concentrate on remoted items of code, the authors have made on hand the whole resource code for a true compiler. established as a self-study advisor that describes the real-world tradeoffs encountered in construction a production-quality compiler, A Retargetable C Compiler is usually priceless to people who paintings in software components utilizing or developing language-based instruments and strategies. positive factors: discusses the implementation and layout tradeoffs made whereas developing a true ANSI C compiler, illustrating the interplay among thought and perform; covers compiler concept purely as had to comprehend the implementation of Icc, focusing as a substitute on functional, utilized matters; encourages a deeper realizing of programming in C, by way of supplying C programmers with a journey of the language from the point of view of compiler authors; contains assurance of code turbines for the MIPS R3000, SPARC, and Intel 386 and its successors; and gives entry to the complete resource code for the Icc compiler, the 3 again ends, and the code-generator generator, both on disk or through FTP.

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Like labels, this table is not scoped; all constants have a scope field equal to CONSTANTS. The actual value of a constant is represented by instances of the union .... , integers are stored in the i field, unsigned characters are stored in the uc field, etc. When a constant is installed in constants, its Type is stored in the symbol's type field; Types encode C's data types and are described in Chapter 4. The value is stored in u . c. v: (constants 47) = 38 struct { Value v; Symbol loc; } c; On some targets, some constants - floating-point numbers - cannot be stored in instructions, so the compiler generates a static variable and initializes it to the value of the constant.

Blocks are added to the list dynamically during allocation, as detailed below. 1 shows an arena after three blocks have been allocated. Shading indicates allocated space. 1 is explained below. 12. The arena identifiers index an array of pointers to one-element lists, each of which holds a zero-length block. The first allocation in each arena causes a new block to be appended to the end of the appropriate list. c data)= static struct block first[] = { { NULL }, { NULL }, { NULL } }, *arena[] = { &first[O], &first[l], &first[2] }; 27 .....

11 explains how this binding is initialized. Temporaries are another kind of generated variable, and are distinguished by a lit temporary flag: .... c functions)+= Symbol temporary(scls, ty, lev) Type ty; int scls, lev; { Symbol p = genident(scls, ty, lev); p->temporary return p; bt:ot: defsymbol (MIPS) " (SPARC) " (X86) " genident: IR 74 89 457 491 520 49 306 LOCAL 38 local 90 (MIPS) " 447 (SPARC) " 483 (X86) " 518 ... 49 50 = 1; } Back ends must also generate temporary locals to spill registers, for example.

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