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R. I. 164. 4 and Deussen's article on Atman in Encyclopaedia Ethics. " Secondly, the growth of sacrifices has helped to establish the unalterable nature of the law by which the (sacrificial) actions produced their effects of themselves. It also lessened the importance of deities as being the supreme masters of the world and our fate, and the tendency of henotheism gradually diminished their multiple character and advanced the monotheistic tendency in some quarters. , or that it could again be reborn on earth, is also hinted at in certain passages, and this may be regarded as sowing the first seeds of the later doctrine of transmigration.

11. 2 R. V. 3 Taitt. Br. II. 8. 9· 6. x. 81. 4· Macdonell's Vedic Mythology, p. II; also R. V. II. 15 and IV. 56. 11 R. V. x. 90· 6 R. I. 115. 7 R. I. 164. 46. a R. V. x. 121. s Muir's translation ofR. V. x. 72; Muir's Sanskrit Texts, vol. v. p. 48. 4 The Vedas, Briihma1JaS and their Ph-ilosophy 24 [ CH. with regard to the wonderful mystery of the origin of the world are found is the I 29th hymn of R. V. X. Then there was neither being nor not-being. The atmosphere was not, nor sky above it. What covered all?

Thus it is said in R. V. x. 121 2 : In the beginning rose Hiral)yagarbha, Born as the only lord of all existence. This earth he settled firm and heaven established : What god shall we adore with our oblations ? Who gives us breath, who gives us strength, whose bidding All creatures must obey, the bright gods even; Whose shade is death, whose shadow life immortal : What god shall we adore with our oblations? Who by his might alone became the monarch Of all that breathes, of all that wakes or slumbers, Of all, both man and beast, the lord eternal : What god shall we adore with our oblations?

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