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By Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt

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Table 11. Evidential Prefixes: Meanings and Distributions Evidential Approximate gloss Co-occurring modes Position relative to modal Usage contexts Meaning wi- QUOT ‘it is said’ Indicative Precedes Narratives, discourse Speaker is repeating what has been told ar- EV ‘evidently; it seems’ Absolutive Contingent Precedes Past activity or one begun Speaker has not witnessed an event Speaker cannot see a designated object Absolutive Contingent Potential Subjunctive Follows Unrealized activity Speaker will not witness an event ar- EV ar- EV ‘would’ +V Indicative Infinitive Follows Periodic past activity, usu.

R-Stopping Rule. The sonorant r becomes the voiceless stop t when occurring after an obstruent. Thus, r â t / Obs. B Note that t is not included among the obstruents to which this rule applies since t has already been changed to h when it precedes r (see rule above); that is, the combination t + r changes to hr (which then reduces to h). Rule 22. Labial Glide Loss. Although the details of this process are more complex than presented here, in verb derivation a w in a preceding syllable is generally lost when the following morpheme begins in w.

Pronunciation of the stops is the same as it is for their counterparts in English when they follow s in word initial position, as in English spot, stop, and skit. The affricate c is the only consonant that has consistent phonetic variants: one is apico-alveolar [ts], as in the final sound of English hats. It occurs before consonants and in word-final position, as in riictaaru®, pronounced [riitstaaru®], ‘intestines’ and apiic, pronounced [Fpiits], ‘on the other side of water’, respectively. The other variant is lamino-palatal [œ], as in the final sound of English watch, that occurs when c precedes a vowel, as in capaat [œFpaat].

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