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A spouse to Phenomenology and Existentialism is a whole advisor to 2 of the dominant pursuits of philosophy within the 20th century. Written through a workforce of best students, together with Dagfinn Føllesdal, J. N. Mohanty, Robert Solomon, Jean-Luc Marion
Highlights the realm of overlap among the 2 pursuits
beneficial properties longer essays discussing all the major colleges of inspiration, shorter essays introducing well-liked issues, and problem-oriented chapters
Organised topically, round suggestions comparable to temporality, intentionality, dying and nihilism
beneficial properties essays on strange topics, comparable to drugs, the feelings, synthetic intelligence, and environmental philosophy

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The first beginning [16–18] 14. φύσις— ἀλήθεια—beyng With Plato’s interpretation of being as ἰδέα, the essence of ἀλήθεια is brought into undecidedness; but that, too, is a decision. Indeed it is even the decision that should be accorded the most extensive bearing in the entire course of the “history” of “truth” up to now. Through this decision on the undecidedness—here, it immediately means undecidability—of the henceforth unavailable essential beginning of the essence of truth, there arises an “epoch” in the history of being.

59 [40–41] 31 Constancy — here fully conceived as persisting in (insisting on) the permanence of presence in the enduring present. The later determination of beingness in the sense of the ἀεί, continuance, but also in the sense of aeternitas as nunc stans, is the truth (posited in itself) of beings, which commences with that toward which the inceptually conceived constancy is in strife. Constancy — does not come into being (presence) from the outside, however; it belongs to the essence of being as what is counter to being and as its distorted essence; for permanence strives throughout everything that comes to presence; why?

1. ” Freiburg lecture course, summer semester 1942. {GA53, p. } §9 [13–14] 7 In this dual essence of ἀλήθεια are to be sheltered the ὄν and μὴ ὄν and their relation; here is the ground for the ἕν—πάντα (Heraclitus B 50), the ἁρμονία ἀφανής (B 54), τὸ ἀντίξουν συμφέρον (B 8), and the σημαίνειν (B 93). , dialectically, and are thereby also misinterpreted. 8. Ἀλήθεια and “space and time” Space and spatial representation and thought (cf. , the essence of the remembrance of the past) It is said that we use spatial representations in all our thought, even with regard to the “spiritual,” non-spatial domain.

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