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Programming interviews in C++ approximately bushes

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Push(tmp->right); } } return count; } Complexity Time complexity is and space complexity is . 7 Checking if two binary trees are structurally identical Solution A solution can be provided by recursion. We consider as base cases when both nodes are null, or if only one of them is null. Otherwise the algorithm checks if both nodes contain the same value and if both left children and right children are recursively structurally identical. r2) return false; return (r1->v__ == r2->v__ && structIdentical(r1->left, r2->left) && structIdentical(r1->right, r2->right)); } Complexity Time complexity is and space complexity is .

Each internal node of a B-tree will contain a number of sorted keys. Keys act as separation values which divide a tree into subtrees as explained in the image below. Therefore is the minimum branching factor for the tree. The factor of 2 will guarantee that nodes can be split or combined. If an internal node has keys, then adding a key to that node can be accomplished by splitting the key node into two key nodes and by adding the key to the parent. Each split node maintains the required minimum number of keys.

In the example below the trie works for an alphabet of 26 different symbols and the position of each child identifies the current symbol for the inserted string. An example is provided in the image. l) l = new node(); insert__(l->next[i], k, d + 1); } public: Trie() : head(NULL) {}; ~Trie() { deleteTrie__(head); } bool search(Tkey k) { return search__(head, k, 0); } void insert(Tkey k) { insert__(head, k, 0); } }; // end class Trie }; // end namespace Tree #endif 29 Implementing a segment tree Solution Given an , a segment tree allows: a) to find the sum of elements in the range where in time b) To update a specific element such that Segment trees have the following properties Leaf nodes are the elements of an Each internal node represents a merge operation of the leaf nodes.

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