A Buddha within: The Tathagatagarbhasutra: The earliest - download pdf or read online

By Michael Zimmerman

ISBN-10: 4998062255

ISBN-13: 9784998062257

1. A examine and translation of the Tathagatagarbhasutra; 2. severe and diplomatic variants of the Tathagatagarbhasutra ; The variants [Tibetan and chinese language] contains broad biliographical references and index.

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62 Now, I think Matsumoto's argumentation is less than conclusive. First of all, the meaning of "container" for garbha seems not to be very common, if documented at all. a container or a sheath around something. " Regarding the second point, I agree with Matsumoto that the terms padmagarbha and tathiigatagarbha are probably intentionally employed by the authors in some kind of analogy. But if this is the case, should we then not argue that -garbha expresses in both cases a comparable, sense, namely the inside of a lotus and the inside of living beings respectively?

For a different interpretation, cpo Matsumoto 1994: 498ff. g. 101) where the following compound referring to living beings appears: ... sambuddhagarbham jagat: " ... " 66 This alternative would semantically be the equivalent of " ... have a tathagata in their womb" (tathiigato garbhe ye$iim te tathiigatagarbhii/l), which is based on AiGr II, 1 § 109c, p. 279 ("Bahuvrlhis mit kasuellem Vorderglied"): "Sehr oft bezeichnet das Hinterglied einen Kiirperteil und daun das Kompositum denjeuigen, der am betr.

Need to be considered: a. ,,6o This interpretation seems to be the most common one in the tradition following the TGS. The word can in this case be understood as referring to the "embryo of althe tathagata(s)" within all living beings. In the TGS, however, tathiigatagarbha cannot have this meaning for two reasons. First, in the statement sattviis tathiigatagarbhii~ the compound cannot be understood as a tatpuru~a designating the "embryo within" because grammatically it is the predicate of sattvii~.

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